Caddo School Theft Still Leaves Many Questions

The local media is now reporting on the theft at Woodlawn High School which Elliott Stonecipher first exposed yesterday (here).

The Shreveport Times


Also, the Inquisitor has a report available to paid subscribers.

What is worth noting:
1. These articles by the Times and KTBS look almost exactly the same. Was this merely a press release put out by Caddo Schools? Former Times education reporter is now working in marketing for the Caddo School district. UPDATE: It was confirmed to be a press release by Ms. Woods to the local media, not altered or added to by either the Times or KTBS.

2. The original allegations by the tipster to Mr. Stonecipher was for a much larger amount of money than $2,100 with the specific claim that it appeared that school officials were hoping to make the matter go away quietly. The school in question is part of the highly marketed Transformation Zone initiative.

3. The investigation apparently started on February 26th. Why can Caddo Schools not fully account for what is missing money for over two weeks? The employee is still on the payroll, so it would seem to behoove the district to deal with this matter swiftly.

4. The story from the school district superintendent, Dr. Lamar Goree, is that this investigation is going through a normal process and that law enforcement authorities are involved and have been the entire time. Public records requests filed today should reveal when authorities were actually called in, but Dr. Goree could release redacted information immediately.

5. Dr. Goree took the opportunity to use the local media coverage to claim mistruths were published about this situation. He worked quickly to dismiss anything not coming directly from the school district as a mistruth, while notably ignoring public records requests and inquiries from taxpayers prior to this even being exposed. Only AFTER the initial report by Elliott Stonecipher came forward did Dr. Goree respond.

More information will be coming forward as soon as it is available.

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