Monday, February 25, 2019 … 10:15 P.M.

A Caddo District Court judge has ruled that two Shreveport attorneys can proceed with a lawsuit filed last August against the City for water and sewer overcharges of business and industrial customers.

Attorneys Jerald R. “Jerry” Harper and Anne Wilkes have issued a news release including …

“The First Judicial District Court, Judge Michael Pitman presiding, has ruled that the pending lawsuit, originally filed by The Haven Property Owners Association, Inc. and BW Partners, LLC, d/b/a Briarwood Apartments on August 6, 2018, against the City of Shreveport, properly qualifies as a class action and may proceed to determine the liability of the City under those allegations. The lawsuit alleges that the City of Shreveport knowingly and intentionally overcharged its commercial and industrial water and sewer customers during the time period from July 1, 2015 to approximately September 2018. The City has denied liability for these overcharges but has begun sending refunds to some of these customers with large accounts.”

Judge Pitman has ordered that The Harper Law Firm is approved as counsel for the class. A second class action suit against the City which alleges overcharges against residential customers is pending.

My initial article including facts of the lawsuit was posted on August 8, 2018:…/

Water-sewer overcharging and related corruption traces to the administration of ex-mayor Cedric Glover, with Mayor Ollie Tyler’s administration notably worsening the damage to Shreveport homes and businesses.

Regardless, no court – local, state or federal – has until now ruled against the City of Shreveport.

A related federal investigation in the fall of 2017 notably included activities of Shreveport City Hall insider Lynn Braggs:…/…

More recently, I wrote about payments to Braggs and his spouse by the campaign of Mayor Adrian Perkins:…/

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