January 10, 2017 … 9:07 A.M.

To the many in our community who have contacted me on this subject, thank you … very much.

The work you have done in raising public awareness of this subject – leading to last night’s KTBS-TV report by Amanda Atwell – is community action at its best.

For those new to the subject, here is Ms. Atwell’s report:…/local-animal-advocates-in-uproar-over…

I am only now beginning to understand the charges from our devout animal care advocates. The KTBS report raises or confirms many points which, yet again, put the Caddo Parish Commission in a bright and negative light.

The question to the public is whether or not Caddo Parish Animal Services – “CPAS” – and the Commission are providing the care for which they are legally and morally responsible.

As I know only too well, we should enter into this fight knowing these things, if no others:

1. There is no “tie” in the competing stories being told by our animal care advocates and the Commission. The KTBS story clearly and dramatically uses advocates / specialists from Tennessee to make that point. Their testimony that the Commission / CPAS story and defense is basically false is striking.

2. The history in this issue at the Commission works strongly against it. For years on end, the Commission has been found to be “guilty” in matters concerning C.P.A.S., and Commission employees who run it.

3. Most importantly, I believe, the Commission is consistently in bad faith in dealing with the parish public. As I can well attest, when any citizen catches the Commission doing something wrong / illegal, the response is to attack that citizen … stonewalling and lying and abusing public trust is its heart and mind.

Many eyes will now be focused on this subject, thanks to the local animal care advocates who will not be intimidated by the Commission, and to their ability to engage KTBS.

I am very, very mindful that those at or near the top of the Caddo Commission have a basic failing in all they do: they have never accepted that they work for the people … not the other way around.

Public servants are a rare, rare breed there … and that does a lot of damage in a lot of ways. Now, and again, our animals are paying.

© 2016 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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