Friday, April 5, 2019 … 10:36 A.M.

On May 4th, Caddo Parish home and other property owners have yet another date with parish taxation ugliness … the kind only bosses of the Caddo Parish School Board can contrive.

Put simply, the CPSB has now come up with a way to keep property taxes alive rather than “allow” them to be paid down and off … as was our original agreement with them.

We the people have paid the subject property tax down over time, hoping to see it go away someday … soon, in fact.

To be more specific, here is how a school board member described this tax millage in the CPSB January 15th meeting:

… “Since 2004, this particular millage was 9.7% and is now reduced by approximately 50%, down to 5 mills.”

Then, here is the way Jeff Howard, the system’s CFO, put it in a different context in that meeting:

“… if the bond issue is not approved by the voters, in May the Board will decrease mills, reassess at approximately .6 mills which means for the owner of residential property assessed at $160,000 an annual reduction of $5.10 on property taxes.”

Yes. Knocking a 5.00-mill tax down to 0.60-mill. But the CPSB simply cannot allow property tax payers a break, no matter how minimal.

You can certainly believe this, too: if they pull this one off, the precedent is set. Forget “paying off” any property tax millages.

And what’s in this for the CPSB? A brand-spanking-new $88.3 million over ten years.

Creative, huh? Typical, right?

Too, the CPSB has cleared the election-day decks so only this is on the ballot … so CPSB family and friends may pass it by themselves, for all practice purposes. That’s how many people our money has now employed there.

Remember, this school system is the home of Caddo Parish Commissioner Lynn Cawthorne’s 26-count federal criminal indictment for theft of hundreds of thousands of our tax dollars from the CPSB’s program to feed school children during summer months. (SEE article links #1 and #2, below.)

As voters wade through this latest political and taxation crud, we should always remember just how high such abuse by CPSB has raised our property taxes … (SEE link #3)

73.82-mills here in Caddo,
65.36-mills in Bossier Parish,
38.13-mills in Calcasieu (in the most highly-taxed of its 11 school districts),
67.26-mills in Desoto,
43.45-mills in East Baton Rouge,
41.28-mills in Monroe, and
45.30- mills in New Orleans / Orleans Parish.

What CPSB might do instead of any of this is shrink the system’s obscenely huge foot-print. They won’t, of course, because they are in far too many political-left ops which have nothing to do with educating Caddo’s children.

Oh, by the way, the ballot language explicitly names “acquiring and/or improving lands for building sites” as one legitimate purpose of this $88.3 million of our money.

Buildings. In what must be one of the most overbuilt school systems in the free world.

… to be continued …

© 2019 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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