Tuesday, February 12, 2019 … 10:38 A.M.

As most readers know, the Shreveport City Council will meet this afternoon, supposedly including a vote on Mayor Perkins’ tax increase for garbage collection, AND a supposed / alleged / “promised” hike in the city’s reserve fund.

City Hall sources expect approval today of some kind of tax increase, perhaps smaller that Perkins’ downright nutty attempt to grab $18-a-month from all Shreveport households.

Traditional media coverage of yesterday’s City Council work session (now called “Administrative Conference”) noted Perkins’ hooey about the city reserve fund being so low as to endanger Shreveport’s very existence.

The Perkins talking point being repeated is that cities are in existential danger without some high percentage of “reserve.”

None have yet questioned why this is so important to Perkins that he dishonestly fashioned his “garbage fee” plan to create the appearance that IT – not the huge hike in the reserve fund – was his true purpose.

For any who care to better understand Perkins’ ruse, remember that Shreveport’s reserve has typically been notably below that of many other cities, for a host of good reasons.

More to the point, some cities do not even have a reserve. One of those, until 2017, was New Orleans, the city to which Perkins’ religion of ZERO transparency is notably attached.

As you read the article (link) below, note that neither Perkins, nor anyone in his administration, nor the traditional media have mentioned any such facts.

Such is the nature of Shreveport “leadership’s” commitment to zero transparency … to keeping taxpayers as in the dark as possible.

Note, as you read, too, that Perkins is even now unwilling to specifically protect the garbage tax money by legally designating it an “Enterprise Fund.”

Finally, as you read, particularly note that to indisputably do the right thing in this matter, VOTERS in New Orleans established its new rainy-day fund.

I note again: Voters. Us. We the People.

Not pols who have a now proven unwillingness to answer the public’s questions about themselves or what they intend to do to we who pay the bills around here.…/new-orleans-voters-approve-city…

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