Wednesday, March 28, 2019 … 11:30 A.M.

As inconceivable as it may seem to any who despise high property and other taxes, the Bossier Parish School Board (BPSB) is attempting to raise city and parish taxes to a shocking level.

On Bossier Parish ballots for a May 4th vote will be two new property tax millages by BPSB: Proposition No. 1 for 22.94-mills, and Proposition No. 2 for 3.22-mills.

Proposition #1 is for “… payment of salaries and benefits of teachers and other school employees.” Prop #2 is for “… (materials for) computer and related technology training and instruction.” (See Link #1, BPSB Minutes, below.)

In recent years, owing to aggressive building of new schools, the BPSB property tax millage has jumped to 65.36-mills, about the same as DeSoto Parish schools’ 67.26-mills.

Both of those districts have been provided political and economic cover in taxing their residents by the Caddo Parish School Board’s still notably higher property tax of 73.82-mills.

But there will be no such cover for BPSB if voters there approve the property taxes on the May 4th ballot since BPSB will rocket by DeSoto and even Caddo schools …

… with a total public school property tax of 91.52-mills.

(For current property tax millages by parish, SEE Link #2 below: Louisiana Tax Commission 2018 Annual Report … Page 53 for Bossier Parish, Pages 53-55 for Caddo, and Page 61 for DeSoto Parish.)

In terms of school performance, DeSoto and Bossier Parish public schools are in a different league from the Caddo district.

Under the revamped and real 2018 Louisiana Department of Education District Performance Scores (SEE Link #3, below), DPSB’s districtwide letter grade is a “B” at 86.9%, BPSB’s is also a “B” at 82.8, and CPSB’s is a low “C” at 67.2.

Put another way …

… 16.7% of Bossier schools, 5 of 30, are failing with grades of “D” or “F,”

… 22.2% of DeSoto schools, 2 of 9, are failing with “D” grades, with none graded “F,” and

… 58.7% of Caddo schools, 37 of 63, are failing with grades of “D” or “F.”

In terms of total parish property tax millages, using the Louisiana Tax Commission data (Link #2) which originates with parish tax assessors, if the two BPSB propositions pass on May 4th …

… Bossier Parish will jump from its current 111.48-mills to 137.64 mills; and,

… when that parish total millage is added to the 23.36-mills levied by Bossier City, those taxpayers / residents will pay a total property tax of 161.00-mills.

… That 161.00-mill total property tax for Bossier City residents will be only 1.42-mills lower than the 162.42-mills now paid by Shreveport property tax payers.

The 161.00-mills for Bossier City residents will be among the very highest in Louisiana, and the much larger Caddo-Bossier / East Texas / South Arkansas / Southeast Oklahoma region.

© 2019 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

1. Bossier Parish School Board Minutes, January 17, 2019, go to Pages 201-202:…/Board%20Minutes–January%2017%2…

2. Louisiana Tax Commission, 2018 Annual Report, Document Page 53:…/AnnualReports.aspx

3. Louisiana Department of Education, “District Performance Scores”:…/libra…/performance-scores

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