On August 13st, the Shreveport City Council is scheduled to approve (or not) the $220,000,000 bond issue our mayor and invisible “leaders” want to see passed in a November election.

Rigging by Mayor Perkins includes arranging for the public vote to be on the same pro-Democrat Party ballot with the presumed / intended re-election of Governor John Bel Edwards.

It is yet too early to know what the City Council will do, much less what projects – if not all – will make it to the ballot.

Yes, defeating such fiscal madness here often fails, but it is also true that opposition has more recently found its footing, thanks mainly to social media. Recent examples are …

… In 2010 and 2011, I went public with the extensive research necessary to prove that Shreveport / Caddo Parish had, by far, the highest property taxes in Louisiana and elsewhere in our multi-state region. Louisiana Public Broadcasting aired the irrefutable evidence … and stunned many. If Mayor Perkins’ intended 15-mill property tax passes, Shreveport / Caddo will remain atop the list of property taxers.

… In October 2013, while floating in a sea of more than $80,000,000 in liquid reserves, the Caddo Parish Commission attempted to pass a 1.75-mill property tax to fund a 20-year, $23,390,000 road repair bond. We defeated the tax by 59 votes. The Commission freaked, and set the tax for a second vote the following May. Our social media and other effort netted us a second defeat of the tax, this time by an unthinkable margin of 77% NO to 23% yes.

… In 2014-2015, a newly elected Caddo Parish School Board tried to pass a $108,000,000 bond issue for a list of goodies, including a centerpiece new school in Southeast Shreveport. The most impressive grass-roots campaign in which I have ever been involved – social media heavy, again – culminated in the May 2015 defeat of the plan by a vote of 53% NO to 47% yes. Here is a link to a related Shreveport Times op-ed I wrote:…/school-boards-p…/22176673/

… In 2014 I had also returned to my research into our renegade Caddo Commission. This time, I discovered, proved and exposed how the Commission and its handlers had fifteen years earlier deliberately broken Louisiana law and contravened a statewide Constitutional amendment vote to give its members retirement pay.

In the 1996 statewide referendum, 68.9% of Caddo voters said “NO” to such retirement plans, with like margins against them in every parish. Regardless, the Commission one year later went right ahead with its taxpayer-funded retirement system for Commissioners.

In response, our “leaders,” from hiding, assigned a team of attorneys – at taxpayer expense – to manage the cover-up in various local and state courts.

In 2016, the Commission voted to end this and other payola I had identified and detailed, but taxpayers have never recovered the related money we pumped into the illegal system.

Here is my first article of many on the subject:…/

… In 2017, a unique bunch of us joined to defeat House Bill 667 in that year’s legislative session. A creation of ex-mayor Cedric Glover, the bill wound its way to near passage by a mix of lousy Glover tricks.

Here is the link to an article I wrote which details what I called the “ … creation of a taxing authority tailored for corruption.”…/

As usual, while we are only now beginning to learn details of the subject bond issue, we have but three weeks before the City Council is set to vote on it.

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