Tuesday, April 11, 2017 … 9:59 A.M.

A new online article by investigative journalist Victoria Shirley of KSLA TV News offers a not-surprising quote from Caddo Commission lawyer Tom Arceneaux.

Commenting to the media about the decimation of American values here in our home parish certainly isn’t something I would ever want to do, but some here are really comfortable with that gig.

Arceneaux is one of three outside attorneys Commissioners hired – on the taxpayers’ dime – to preserve their ill-gotten gains over the past quarter-century.

The three have already been paid more than $175,000 of our money for their thus-far successful defense of wrong against right in Caddo Parish.

(NOTE: In our two-year court battle, routine legal discovery was denied us. We were NEVER allowed the documents necessary to see how much illegal salary pay was taken from us back to 1993. The CPERS loss is actually just under $300,000, but stolen salary pay much, much more.)

Arceneaux, Jerry Edwards and Michael Lowe are the three attorneys lapping up even more taxpayer money with each passing day.

Here is Arceneaux’s comment to Ms. Shirley:

“The parish was very pleased with the two items that were affirmed and believe that was the right decision.”

Uh, yeah, I guess “the parish” – that is the Caddo Commission to me and you, words which apparently stuck in Arceneaux’s throat – is very pleased! Commissioners are (privately) atwitter. They have a new lease on their house of corrupt officialdom.

My statement to Ms. Shirley is, of course, more directly to the point:

“The 2nd Circuit Court has now done two powerfully important things:

First, it has acknowledged Commissioners are in possession of money taken from taxpayers by unlawful self-pay.

Second, and unbelievably, the Court decided no taxpayer has a legal right to force Commissioners to return to public coffers that which was stolen from us.

Caddo Commissioners have had more than two years to do the right thing and return our money, but have instead spent even more of it to hire a cabal of outside legal eagles to protect their heist.

So, Caddo taxpayers lose again.

Yet at issue, however, is the unquestionably criminal behavior of some Commissioners … official malfeasance, felony theft … and those remedies are now more important.

We who care must remember that the longer we play Caddo court roulette – a bad, bad, bad gamble for us – Messrs. Arceneaux / Edwards / Lowe will continue to financially – and spiritually – gut us.

The criminality of this rolling conspiracy-to-defraud which we call “the Caddo Parish Commission” has not even been touched.

We are soon due – via nomination by our two U. S. Senators to President Trump – a new U. S. Attorney.

Working with the FBI and Criminal Division of the IRS, an anti-corruption U. S. Attorney has the power to stop our Caddo corruption train … which is, certainly, again gaining speed.

For now, honest folk among us are free to ponder what it is like on the Caddo Commission side of this awfulness …

… what it is like to wake up each day and go to work in opposition to good and right and all else free people hold dear.

© 2017 Elliott Stonecipher … ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Here is Ms. Shirley’s article:…/court-activist-cant-demand-that-caddo

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