ADDENDUM to Pt. 2: Dumbfounding Developments in Shreveport City Hall Meltdown

Last Friday afternoon, I wrote and posted Part 2 of our series on the stunning collapse of basic governance, and adherence to the Rule of Law, at Shreveport City Hall by Mayor Ollie Tyler and others.

In that article, I referred to a related Petition for Writ of Mandamus which was filed last Wednesday in Caddo District Court, on behalf of Sand Beach Properties, LLC, partner Michael Wainwright.

That lawsuit was filed to force immediate production of public records which City Hall was denying Wainwright (just as it has denied our requests).

This Petition includes in-depth information about unheard of breaches of duty by Mayor Tyler and others in her administration, especially in that she has released some of our city’s most sensitive and confidential public records to Wainwright and possibly others.

Note as you read that Mayor Tyler is also the official Custodian of Public Records for Shreveport:

Petition for Writ of Mandamus-1

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