Friday, June 1, 2018 … 9:36 P.M.


Almost three years ago, in late August 2015, I went public with a detailed article proving how Caddo Parish Fire District 5 had, with cold intent, grabbed $249,002 in property tax income to which it / they were in no way entitled.

As is almost always the case, my source was a whistleblower who knew the facts and details right down to dates and pennies.

Politely put, no public officials or traditional news media folk were interested. After all, this particular fire district comes, as folks used to describe it, “well-heeled.”

And that is exactly what I was more or less told, repeatedly, in the process of extensive research: “Elliott, catch us if you can.” (My words, not theirs, of course.)

Truth be known, I was interested because the Caddo Parish Commission was lurking in the story (and shadows, of course). As it turned out, those particular doers were mere aiders and abettors, along with other public officials.

Long story short, the property taxes at issue were taken from unsuspecting Caddoans who deserved a refund, but never got it …

… on purpose.

That brings us to the present, and the very good report last night from Jeff Beimfohr of KTBS-TV News. The station had its own close encounter with Caddo Fire District 5 not long ago in another such matter – undue fee income, rather than tax income – and that trail led to the one the whistleblower and I had previously trod.

I thank Mr. Beimfohr for his work, and KTBS Television for its willingness to report these facts. This is an excellent piece of evidence – of which there is much – about the absence of respect property tax payers get around here.

Please take these very few minutes to watch and hear a story with specifics no one I know would even try to make up:


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