Friday, March 1, 2019 … 12:29 P.M.

At various times last evening, Shreveport television news outlets posted online stories about eighteen additional public corruption charges filed against District 6 Caddo Parish Commissioner Lynn Cawthorne and his sister, Belena C. Turner.

The news stories trace to the work of a federal grand jury under the direction of our U. S. Attorney David Joseph, involving theft by Cawthorne and Turner between 2011 and 2015.

At specific issue is how the brother-sister duo “fraudulently obtained” $536,000 from a federal Summer Feeding Service Program for Caddo Parish children.

The reports by KTAL News last night and our daily newspaper this morning correctly identified Cawthorne as a (current) Caddo Commissioner.

Stories posted by KTBS and KSLA News identified him as “former” Caddo Commissioner Lynn Cawthorne.

According to up-to-date online meeting video, Cawthorne remains on the Commission.

In fact, some Commissioners and staff are diligent in their efforts to convince residents and taxpayers that the public body is no longer corrupt, which may well explain these errors.

As most readers know, I have worked for a lot of years exposing such corruption among local and state officials and their handlers.

That is what I do … at my expense.

Notable in that work has long been the theft of public money by a good number of Caddo Commissioners, mainly by way of illegal salary hikes and retirement pay.

In fact, the lone Shreveport / Caddo Parish public official actually investigated, indicted, prosecuted and imprisoned for corruption in my years of this work is Michael Williams, a Caddo Parish Commissioner when he stole public money.

The prosecution of Cawthorne and Turner is personal to me, as I believe it should be everyone who is honest.

In March 2016, runaway corruption in the top ranks of the Caddo Parish School Board prompted a local whistle-blower with the pseudonyms “Bill Unsharpened” and “Bill Sharp” to reach out to me on this and other social media pages.

“Bill Unsharpened” contacted me based solely on my work to expose local corruption. I did not know him, but I certainly knew about some of those he exposed as corrupt.

A particularly sickening example was the subject fraud in federal Title I programs in our public schools.

After many months of work with “Bill Unsharpened,” his revelations hit true paydirt with our Louisiana Inspector General.

Social media was the necessary tool in this investigation / prosecution. It uniquely provided what “Bill Unsharpened” required to expose this corruption.

Unusually likely to be mocked by officials here – Shreveport City Councilman John Nickelson did so publicly, three days ago – social media runs through public bodies and the behavior of subject public officials without restriction.

As long as those willing to do this work are not silenced, there is no way to prevent that.

Here is my request.

Please read the article I wrote about this three years ago. The details reveal much, but will never be acknowledged by public officials, news media or corruption handlers / deniers.

This work has taken years of my life. Reading this article will take only minutes of yours:


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