… Posted: Tuesday, March 3, 2020 … 8:39 A.M. …

To all who have contacted me about the special meeting Mayor Adrian Perkins has called for 10:00 this morning, I regret that my response may well be slow compared to my usual.

The mayor has called this extraordinary meeting because Councilman John Nickelson’s job demands that he is out of town today. As Perkins learned last week, who among the seven member Council is present may well make the difference in anything done.

In my decades of following and/or being involved in what any mayor and Council do, I have never seen anything so underhanded. It is, in fact, a loud statement of the mayor’s incapacity to serve.

I have suggested to those involved that they work to block the Call to Order by a vote of the Council, and if that fails (which is likely), they should leave the meeting.

City Council members did not work / campaign to serve on a kangaroo court, which is precisely what Perkins has now turned our City Council into.

… more later …

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