I want to thank everyone who has contacted me about the “sudden” decision by City of Shreveport officials to withdraw consideration of the $207,000,000 bond issue.

For those who do not know, Mayor Perkins made that decision “official” earlier today.

There had been no official / news media opposition to the bond issue until my articles posted on this page. The first of those was Wednesday-a-week-ago, the 13th, and the second was yesterday after lunch. Two City Council members finally spoke publicly earlier today, followed later by Mayor Perkins.

To put it mildly, my first article was responded to here with a great deal of interest, including in just-renewed article “Shares.” (I have no idea how Facebook decided to renew the ability to share my articles. It had taken that away years ago after complaints made to it by unidentified agents of the Caddo Parish Commission. Now, we will see if this lasts.)

Again, I thank each and every person on this Facebook page who responded with such outrage to Perkins’ bond issue proposal. The withdrawal matters greatly to our City.

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