Wednesday, July 26, 2017 … 10:35 A.M.

I encourage all Shreveporters to take the time to read or watch two KTBS Television News stories – by reporters Shon Gables and Melody Brumble – about a new proposal to privatize the city’s water and sewer services.

The takeover proposal, now worming its way into and through City Hall, is from Suez, North America, and offers “benefits” to residents which come across as a mix of every night Tooth Fairy visits and the relocation to Shreveport of Santa and His Helpers.

In fact, the KTBS reports show me the proposal should be declared DOA in City Hall. Note these facts from Ms. Gables …

“ … KTBS-3 Investigates discovered cities, both small and large, (that) have business with Suez and dumped them, including: Houston (and) Laredo, Texas, Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Atlanta, Georgia.

… A global non-profit organization, called Food and Water Watch slammed Suez in a 2010 report. The document, entitled: Suez Environment’s Poor Record in the United States, outlined how Suez has operated for nearly 3 decades under various names: including United Water, US Water, and JMM Operational Services.”

There are other such disqualifiers in the reporting, more than enough for me to wonder how in the world anyone in city government would ever speak in favor of this.

Here are the reports, for which I sincerely thank these reporters and KTBS:

Melody Brumble reporting facts of the proposal:


Shon Gables reporting facts concerning Suez:


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